Explore Our 8-Stage B2B Marketing Strategy and Process

Using a data-driven process, we build laser-targeted B2B marketing strategies that measurable results and ROIng your primary buyers with high quality content on your website. Free Assessment
Process 1


Pinpoint who your ideal prospects are; where and how do they search, and why do they buy.

  • Customer Interviews

  • Sales Discovery (Data & Team)

  • Customer Insights

  • Surveys

  • Competitive Research

  • Audience Analysis

  • Customer Acquisition

Process 2


Develop a targeted inbound strategy and deliver the right message to those prospects at the right time

  • Buyer Personas

  • Keyword Research

  • Site Audience Strategy

  • Customer Journey

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Mapping

  • Competitive Analysis

  • KPI Targets

  • Goal Setting

Process 3


Build a powerful system needed to automate and accelerate marketing activities

  • Setup and Configuration

  • CRM

  • Tools

  • Growth-Driven Website Design

  • Marketing Automation

  • Team Automation Training

Process 4


Build and optimize compelling brand content targeted to your prospects, attracting them to your website

  • Content Publishing

  • Social Media

  • SEO

  • Video

  • Paid Search

  • Sponsored Search

  • Inbound PR

Process 5


Build targeted landing pages and premium content designed to convert those website visitors to warm leads

  • Landing Pages

  • Calls To Action (CTAs)

  • Educational Content

  • Automation

  • A/B Testing

  • Lead Generation Offers

Process 6


Build a warm, trusting relationship with your new audience by sending customized, automated messages and content designed to inform, educate and inspire

  • Email Marketing

  • Lead Scoring

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Appointment Setting

  • Lead Segmentation

  • Visitor Retention Strategy

Process 7


Equip client-facing employees and sales teams with the ability to consistently build a valuable, educated conversation with customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer journey.

  • Connecting Sales to Content

  • Content Repurposing

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Pitch and Content Optimization

  • Sales Training & Support

Process 8


Close marketing gaps and feedback, learn from our efforts, continuously improving the cycle and efficiency.

  • Review Goals

  • Results Analysis

  • Marketing Gap Analysis

  • Close Loops

  • Readjust and Measure

Professional, proven and to the point. These guys truly know inbound marketing, from start to finish.

Rick Sloboda, Principal @ WebCopy Plus

Riverbed Marketing have opened the doors to a new stream of business for Wardell International, by implementing a comprehensive strategy for inbound & content marketing. As a service-based company, we knew it was essential to find a way to leverage our content for growth. Riverbed Marketing took the guesswork out of this process I would highly recommend them to any company wanting to expand their digital marketing.

Mark Wardell, President @ Wardell International

Todd Mumford and Riverbed Marketing combine a sincere passion and vast knowledge for inbound marketing, with unbeatable customer relationship management. They are doing an outstanding job for us and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to drive results for their business online.

Gary Taylor, Founder & President @ ConnectedCity

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